Dr. Mukut Sarma, M.A.,B.Ed.M.Phil.Ph.D.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Department of Geography

Phone: 9435519696

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Social Geography
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Social Geography

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1. “Livelihood Changes of Ex-Tea Tribe People in Undivided Darrang District,Assam”, NEBIO, International Journal, ISSN-9735674, December-2011.

2. “Changing Occupation Pattern and Associated Problems of Tea Labourers in Undivided Darrang District,Assam”, IJSSS, ISSN-2231-2447, National Journal-2012 .

3. “Literacy Among Tea Tribe People and Its Associated Problems in Undivided Darranng District, Assam”, IJSSS, ISSN-2231-2447 National Journal, 2012.

4. “Changing Occupation and Livelihood Problem of Tea Labourer in Udalguri District, BTAD, Assam”, ISSN2348-8905.Journal of Darrang-Udalguri Geographical Forum, VOL. 1 No.1: 2013-2014

5. “Linking Ecosystem Services and Human Well being with special reference to Brahmaputra floodplain”, Vol. 1. 2013-2014, ISBN:2393-8110.

6. Impact of Tea Garden on Traditional Agriculture in Undivided Darrang District with Special Reference to BTAD areas,ISBN-978-81-924052-0-9, 2012.

7. Livelihood Challenge of Women Tea Labourer : An emerging problem in Udalguri District, BTAD, ASSAM . Jnanam “ Academic Journal”, Darrang-Udalguri Zone, Vol III, Nov. 2015 - ISSN No. 2393-8110

8. Migration and Livelihood Strategy of Tea Labourer in Assam with special reference to Old Darrang district.Pp. 69-74. JNANAM, A Multilingual Academic Journal, Volume-IV. ISSN:2393-8110

9. Vegetable Farming and Land Use Pattern in Dalgaon-Sialmari block of Darrang district. JNANAM, A Multilingual Academic Journal, Volume-V, ISSN: 2393-8110

10. Paper published on International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering & Technology(Scopus Index Journal ISSN:0976-6499) on 4th November,2020.Paper entitled “Status of Vegetable Farming and Its Challenges in Central Brahmaputra Floodplain Environment of Darrang District, Assam.”

11. Paper published in International Journal of Analytical and Experimental Modal analysis-An UGC-CARE Approved Group Journal-II Journal(ISSN NO.0886-9367) on August 2021and paper entitled “Livelihood Strategy and Challenges of women Tea lobourer in Himalayan Foothill Region with reference to old Darrang district, Assam

Conference | Seminar | Workshop

1. National Seminar on Plate Tectonics,UGC Sponsored, Mangaldai College21st&22nd September, 2002.

2. National Seminar on Identification of Potential Forest plantation site Using Remote Sensing &GIS UGC Sponsored Mangaldai College, 6th & 7th August ,2009

3. National Seminar on Changing Face of Geography and Challenges Ahead UGC Sponsored Cotton College,18th& 19th December,2009

4. National Seminar on Biodiversity of North-East India and its Future Concern UGC Sponsored Mangaldai College,10th& 11th February,2010.

5. National Seminar on Traditional Knowledge System of the People of NE-India: Antiquity and Evolution UGC Sponsored Mangaldai College,3rd & 4th February,2012 .

6. Three Days Workshop on Research Methodology in Geography NEIGS Geography Dept. Gauhati University

7. Ten Days Training Program for Master cum Field Investigator National Council of Research and Training, New Delhi Assam Institute of Research for Tribal & Schedule Caste,Ghy. 1st Oct. to 9th Nov.1997

8. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Social Issues and the Environment UGC Chemistry , Mirza College,31st January & 1st February, 2014.

9. Application of GIS in Geographical Studies UGC Gegraphy Depertment, Pub Kamrup College. 4thMay to10thMay,2015

10. 20TH National Children’s Science Congress NCSTC & DST, Govt. of India Banaras Hindu University 27-31 December,2012

11. State Level 22nd National Children’s Science Congress NCSTC & DST, Govt. of India ASTEC, Guwahati 2014.

12. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on ‘Women Empowerment: Issues and Challenges’ UGC Mangaldai College, Dept. of Economics, 11th and12th September.2015 .

13. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on ‘Higher Education in North-Eastern Region: Problems and Challenges’. UGC Kharupetia College,IQAC,Kharupeyia College,17-18 June,2015

14. National Peace Conference IFDA Mangaldai, Darrang 30th Nov.1st December,2013

15. State Level Workshop on Climate Change ASTEC Mangaldai College,Science Society 1ST February,2014

16. 61th Annual Cofernce of ACTA ACTA Moran College, 26-29th October,2014

17. Livelihood Challenge of Women Tea Labourer: An Emerging Problem in Udalguri District, BTAD,Assam , NationalSeminar (11th and 12th September,2015)

18. Role of River in Assamese Folk Stories with Special Reference to Brahmaputra Rivere, National Seminar( 22nd and 23rd August,2015)

19. Attended 24th District Level Children’s Science Congress as Evaluator on 25th September, 2016 at Mangaldai College.

20. Problem and Prospects of Vegetable Farming in Dalgaon-Sialmari block of Darrang district, National Seminar.

21. Livelihood Strategy of Tea Labourer in the Himalayan foot hill region with special reference to old Darrang district of Assam, International Seminar

22. The Brahmaputra and its Impact on Assamese Lifestyle: A Study of Assamese Folklore, National Seminar.

23. Use of Geospatial data for Disaster Management and Rehabilitation. National Seminar

24. Pattern of Vegetable Farming and Challenges in Dalgaon-Sialmari block of Darrang, Assam. International Seminar. International Seminar

25. UGC sponsored National Workshop on Innovative Teaching Methodology in Higher Education on 11th and 12th June, 2018

26. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Place of Assam in Indian Society, Culture and Economic. Paper entitled “Place of river Brahmaputra in the development of Culture and Economic of Assam, held on 2nd and 3rd February, 2018

27. Participated in the 107th Indian Science Congress held at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore from January 3 to 7, 2020

28. Participated in International Webinar on “The Evolving Art of Teaching”on 5/9/2020 organized by IQAC, Sipajhar.

29. Participated National Webinar on “An Introduction to Digital Tools for Teaching –Learning-Assessment” organized by ACTA &ACLA on 9th June 2020

30. Participated National Webinar on “Awareness Programme on Use of Online E-Resoures” organized by IQAC Haji Ali College& ACLA on 22nd June,2020

31. Completed an Online Faculty Awareness Program on “Research Methodology” from 31-05-2020 to 10-06-2020 organised by Mazbat College

32. Participated National Webinar on “Use of Online E-Resources” organized by IQAC Doomdooma College on 26th June,2020

33. Participated International Webinar on “Management of Water Resources and Environment” on 7th July,2020 organised by IGNOU, Lucknow

34. Participated in International Webinar on “Crisis and Creativity” on 18th July,2020 and organized by Kamala Nehru Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur.

35. Summer School (RC) HRD Centre, NEHU, Shillong 6-7-2015 to 26-7-2015 U.G.C

36. Workshop on GIS Pub Kamrup College,Assam, 4th May to 10th May,2015, U.G.C.

37. One Week FDP on “Use of ICT tools for Classroom Teaching,12-17 November,2018 ,E & ICT Academy,IIT

38. Short Term Course on "EducationalTechnology “27th January to 02nd February, 2020 HRD Centre,Gauhati University U.G.C

39. FDP on Moodle Learning Management System, Mangaldai College, 16-07-2020 to 20-07-2020 MHRD,Govt of India.

40. FDP on E-Content in Teaching and ICT based assessment tools , Mazbat College , 12th June to 17th June,2020, B.S.V.S.Maharastra

Books | Chapter in Books

1. Impact of Tea Garden on Traditional Agriculture in Undivided Darrang District with Special Reference to BTAD areas”, ISBN-978-81-924052-0-9, 2012

2. EK PRASANGA:SAMUDRIC SOT, page no. 91-94, A publication of MCTU and Mangaldai College Sahitya Chora, ISBN:978-81-925698-3-3

3. Adrabhumi: Gurutra aru Sanrakhyan. Pp246-248, A multidisciplinary science based book ISBN: 978-93-5382-423-5

4. Kuhipat Kumalia Agar Dinat….Whatsapp – Internet Ajir Dinat.Pp103-107 A multidisciplinary article of MCTU, ISBN: 978-81-938867-5-5

5. Prithiweer Paricharjaat Bhu-Bijyan, A publication of MCTU and Mangaldai College Sahitya Chora, ISBN:9789389696196, page no 36-39


1. Life Member of National Children,s Science Congress.

2. Life Member of Assam Science Society.

3. Life Member of Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha.

4. Life Member of North-Eastern Geographical Society, Assam.

5. Life member of Assam Science Society

6. Life member of Indian Science Congress

7. Life member of Assam Sahitya Sabha

8. Life member of North Eastern Geographical Society


1. Pattern of Vegetable Farming and Livelihood Practices of the People of Darrang District with special reference to Dalgaon-Sialmari Block.UGC (2015-2017).

Other Activity

1. Editorship: Souvenir of National Children’s Science Congress-2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010

2. Member of Editorial Board : Darrang Zila Sahitya Sabha Souvenir,2004,held at Outala.

3. District Coordinator of National Children Science Congress,Darrang District (session:2006-2015)