Dr (Major) Leena Saikia, M.Sc.,LL.B, Ph.D.PGDDM

Associate professor, Department of Zoology

Phone: 9435185123

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1. “Economic character of eri silkworm (Samia ricini Donovan) rearing on different Castor (Ricinus communis L.) varieties of indigenous collection in Darrang District, Assam” “JNANAM- a trilingual Academic Journal” Zonal Publication of Darrang Udalguri Zone, ACTA 2014-15,ISSN : 2393-8110

2. "Pranir sangathenic Abhijoyon -BIJNAN JEUTI-2016, ISSN:2319-3085.

3. "Economic characters of eri silkworm( Samia ricini Donovan ) rearing on different Castor (Ricinus communis L.) varieties of indigenous collection in Darrang District. ,2016,ISSN:2393-8110

Conference | Seminar | Workshop

1. “ A Study on Economic Characters Of Eri Silkworm, Samia ricini Donovan on different varieties of Castor ( Ricinus Communis L) in Darrang District” International Seminar on Bioresourses and Human Sustenance, International Seminar organised by Zoology dept., Cotton College, Guwahati in collaboration with ZSA 20th -22nd Oct 2011, (Presentation)

2. “A Study on present status of ericulture in a few eri-rearing villages of Darrang District, Assam” Biodiversity of Northeast India and its future concern, National Seminar, 2010

3. “ Eri Silkworm Samia ricini Donovan, its food plants and improved rearing technology” Biodiversity of Northeast India and its future concern, National Seminar, 2010

4. “Use and application of Remote Sensing in Disaster Preparedness” Identification of Potential Forest Plantation, Sites using remote sensing and GIS with special reference to Assam, National Seminar,2009

5. “Ericulture -Its potentiality and future in Darrang District"-Traditional Knowledge system of the people of Northeast India, National Seminar,Mangaldai college,2012

6. Hands on Training programme on Basic tools and techniques in Bioinformatics at Mangaldai College, Mangaldai on 27th and 28th October, 2014.

7. Hands on Training programme on Basic Techniques in Molecular Biology with special emphasis on PCR and Gel Electrophoresis at Mangaldai College, Mangaldai on 27th and 28th March, 2015

8.  State level workshop on Climate change: Impact vulnerabilities and adaptation scenario with special reference to Assam, 1st Feb, 2014 organized by Mangaldai College, Assam Science Society.

9.  Hands on Training programme on Basic tools and techniques of Microbiology & Immuno- haematology at Mangaldai College 26th -28th Oct, 2017, organized by IBTHub Mangaldai College

10. Hands on Training programme on Basic tools and techniques in Microbiology & Molecular biology at Mangaldai College 3rd -5th Oct, 2016, organized by IBTHub Mangaldai College

11. Workshop on Assam biodiversity portal organizing by Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE), Aryabhatta Science Centre and Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society on 14th Sept, 2017

12. Workshop on Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education organized by Tezpur University under UGC form 2nd -6th Feb, 2009.

Books | Chapter in Books

1. "Prabandha Sourav" (edited) ,2015, ISBN:978-81-925698-3-3

2. "Pranir Amodjanak Asaran aru Koushal"(Collection of articles of animal behaviour for children),2016-April

3. "Smritir Rod Kasalit" (collection of articles on Chillhood memories)- 2016,Sept

4. "Bivinaa Paribesat Pranir Abhiyojon" (Collection of articles on animal adaptation) 2016-Nov, ISBN:978-81-92569-826

5. "Keitaman Bideshi Sadhu " (A collection of folktales translated from English to Assamese),2016-Nov, ISBN:978-93-85934-38-4

6. "Snatak Mahalar PRANI BIGYAN" (Physiology,Bio-chemistry ,Endocrinology and Bio-statistics-A text book on 6th Sem(G) Zoology), 2016.

7. "Darrang Udalguri-Aitijya aru Sanskriti"(in Editorial Board) 2017, ISBN: 978-81-92178-62-2

8. "Chapter:Jiba-Jantur ek amodjonok asaran:Mak-bapeke pualic lua jatna,PRABANDHA SAURAV" ,2015. ISBN"978-81-925698-3-3

9. "Chapter: (Seri-Biodiversity and Sericulture in undivided Darrang district-Darrang Udalguri -Aitijya aru Sanskriti)",2017, ISBN:978-81-92178-62-2.

10. "Chapter: Paribesia adhugati aru Linga bived: Narir Unnayanal badhar Karak(The thinking,published by Darrang Ssonitpur Zone,ACTA), 2012, ISBN:978-93-81674-21-3.

11. "Nana Desar Nanarangi Sadhu (Childrens tales translated from English,Hindi) " 2016-Nov.

12. Snatak Moholar Pranibigyan (Six semester General) Non CBCS -Assam Book Dipo

13. Physiology and Biochemistry (Including practical) ISBN : 978-93-90522-15-6 – Kalyani Publishers

14. Animal Physiology: Life Sustaining System (ZOO-HC-4026}, Biochemistry of Metabolic Processes {ZOO-HC-4036) (including practical) ISBN 978-93-90942=78-7 – Ashok Book Stall

15. O-Nuni Resom Polu Palon (Non-mulberry Sericulture)- 4th and 5th semester Skill Enhancement Course - ISBN : 978-93-90942-56-5 -Ashok Book Stall

16. Prayogic Pranibigyan (Applied Zoology)- ZOO-RE-5026- ISBN 978-93-93610-15-7- Ashok Book Stall

17. Kaetaman Bideshi Sadhu

18. Prani amodjanak asaran aru koushal

19. Beer Beeranganar kahini

20. Bivinna poribekhot Pranir Ovijugan

21. Nana Deshor Nanarongi Sadhu

22. Smritir rod kasolit

23. Accelerating Science Vol-5 ( Publication department of Shikshak Karmachari Sabha, Jamuguri H.S.School,Jamugurihat, Dist : Sonitpur

24. Prabandha Sourav (MCTU & MCSC,2015)

25. Darrang Udalguri Oitijya aru Sanskriti (ACTA, Guwahati 8 Assam)


1. Life member of Assam Science Society

2. Life member of Assam Sahitya Sabha

3. Life Member of Zoological Society of Assam

4. Executive member of Indian Council for Child Welfare Darrang District

5. Member, District Expert Appraisal Committee Darrang

6. Life member The Indian Science Congress Association

7. Assam Science Society, Zoological Society of Assam , Indian National Science Congress, Assam Sahitya Sobha


Other Activity

1. NCC Camps (National,Regional) Attended:  Special National Integration Camp (SNIC), Punglwa, Nagaland from 28th May to 08 June, 2011  National Integration Camp (NIC), Bharatpur (Rajasthan) 2012  Basic leadership camp (BLC) at Agartala, 2016  National Integration camp (NIC) at Tezpur Central University, Tezpur from 2nd Dec to 30th Dec, 2016

2. NCC Course Attended:  3 Months refresher course in 2005 at OTA (Officers Training Academy), Gwalior  1 Month refresher course in 2008 at OTA (Officers Training Academy), Gwalior. have been awarded 1. Best in Firing 2. Second Best in Map reading.  1 Month refresher course in 2017 at OTA, Gwalior. have been awarded Certificate of excellence.