Dr. Kamala Kanta Borah


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Principal of Mangaldai College

1) Selection Committee member for the selection of Asstt. Prof. in Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Adarsh Mahavidyalaya, Dalgaon, Darrang, Sipajhar College, Darrang, Pandu College, Kamrup, North Guwahati College, Kamrup

2) G.B. member as G.U. Representative, Kharupetia College, R.C.Saharia Teachers’ Training College, Tangla and Pandit Deendayal Upaddhaya Adarsha Mahavidyalaya, Dalgaon

3) Member, Committee for Course and Syllabus for B.Voc Degree Programe

4) Assistant Coordinator, IQAC, Mangaldai College

5) Nodal Officer, B.Voc under UGC sponsored skill based course, Mangaldai College

5) Programme Coordinator, DBT-Star College Scheme, Mangaldai College

6) Secretary, Assam Science Society, Mangaldai Branch

7) Teacher in-charge of Mangaldai College Student Union (MCSU), Mangaldai.

8) Co- Principal Investigator, Project entitled “Restoration of Bega River in Mangaldai” sponsored by Assam Science Society and ASTU.

9) Life member, Assam Science Society and Society for Chemical Education, Assam

10) G.B. Nominee member of IQAC, PDUAM, Dalgaon, Darrang

11) Coordinator for UPSC/APSC/SSC training (1st Feb to 30th April, 2020) organized jointly by Mangaldia College & District Administration, Darrang.

12) Editor Jnanam, a trilingual ISSN journal published by Darrang - Udalguri Zone, ACTA


M.Sc., PhD

Areas of Interest

Date of Joining

Minor Research Project

* Title of the Research Project: “A case study on arsenic contamination and arsenic distribution in groundwater of Darrang district, Assam”

* Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 2,95,000.00/-

* Funding Agency: University Grant Commission (UGC)

Research Paper Published:

1) “Aqueous extracts of biomass ash as an alternative class of green solvents for organic Transformations: A review update” K. K. Borah, B. Bhuyan, H. P. Sarma, Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, 2021, 2351-5541, 1-46 (IF 4.508)

2) “A comparative and biochemical evaluations of edible parts of Diplazium esculentum (Retz.) Sw. a locally available fern of Assam at different growing stages” L. J. Gogoi, S. Upadhyaya, M. Baruah, A. Konwar, M. P. Nath, K. K. Borah*, P. Deka, Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 27 (November Suppl. Issue) 2021; pp S178-S182, ISSN: 0971-765X. (IF 0.15)

3) “Synthesis of Silver Cyanide without poisonous KCN or NaCN.” B. Das, M. Sarma, M.J. Baruah, K. K. Borah, K. K. Bania, Inorganica Chemica Acta (Elsevier), 2019, 0020-1693, 1-3 (IF 2.545)

4) “Self pH regulated iron (II) catalyst for radical free oxidation of benzyl alcohols.” B. Das, M. J. Baruah, M. Sarma, B. Sarma,G. V. Karunakar, L. satyanarayan, S. Roy, P. K. Bhattacharyya, K. K. Borah, Applied Catalysis A: General (Elsevier), 2020, 0926-860X,1-13 (IF 5.706).

5) “Lead, arsenic, fluoride and iron contamination of drinking water in the tea garden belt of Darrang district, Assam, India.” K. K. Borah, B. Bhuyan, H. P. Sarma, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Springer), 009-1176-2, 2010,169: 347-352 (IF 2.871)

6) “Assessment of Soil fertility status in and Around the Tea Gardens of undivided Darrang district, Assam.” K. K. Borah, B. Bhuyan, H. P. Sarma, International journal of Applied Environmental Sciences, 0973-6077,5 (1), 2010; 1-10 (IF 0.11)

7) “Distribution of Soluble salts in the soils of tea garden belt of Darrang District, Assam, India.” K. K. Borah, B. Bhuyan, H. P. Sarma, International Journal of Chemical Sciences, 0972-768X, 7(3), 2009; 1563-1574 (IF 1.6)

8) “Variation of bulk density and organic matter in soils of tea garden belt of undivided Darrang district, Assam.” K. K. Borah, B. Bhuyan, H. P. Sarma, Archives of applied Science Research, 0975-508X, 1(2),2009; 159-164 (IF 1.2)

9) “Heavy Metal contamination of ground water in the tea garden belt of Darrang district, Assam, K. K. Borah, B. Bhuyan, H. P. Sarma, India.” E- Journal of Chemistry 0973-4945,6(S1),2009; S501-S507 (IF 0.13)

10) “Water quality issues in the tea garden belt of Darrang district, Assam.” K. K. Borah, B. Bhuyan, H. P. Sarma, International Journal of Chemical Sciences, 0972-768X 6(4), 2008; 1942-1959 (IF 1.6)

11) “A case study on ground water quality of western Darrang district, Assam with special reference to some parameters and mapping using geospatial technique.” K. K. Borah, P. K. Sarma, B. Bhuyan, H. P. Sarma, Pollution Research 0257-8050, 37(3), 2018; 744-749 (IF 0.52)

12) “Anticancer efficacy of Gelatine-Etoposide Nanoparticles in NCI-H460 cell line” L. J. Gogoi*, K. K. Borah, European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (EJBPS). ISSN: 2349-8870, 5(3), 2018; 532-537 (IF 1.044)

13) “Phytochemical profiling, antioxidant activity and antimicrobial activity of Argyrcia speciosa (linn.f.) Sweet., collected from Darrang district, Assam” L. J. Gogoi, D. K. Bora, S. Ahmed, S. Upadhyaya, K. K. Borah*, Ecology, Environment and Conservation, 2022 (Accepted) ISSN: 0971-765X. (IF 0.15).

Paper published in Conference Proceeding:

1) “Assessment and Management of soil and water quality for better ecosystem Health in the Tea Garden belt of undivided Darrang district, Assam.” Proceeding of the National Seminar on Biodiversity of North- east India and its future Concern. Organized by Dept. of Zoology, Mangaldai College on 10th -11th February, 2010 pp. 47-61.

Paper Presented (International/National):

a) “Assessment of phytochemical status of few locally available medicinal plants of Darrang District, Assam- Diplazium esculentum (Retz.), Amaranthus Spinosus L., Corchorus olitorius L.”, L. J. Gogoi, M. Baruah, S. Upadhyaya, P. Deka, K. K. Borah, International Conference on Emerging trends in Chemical Sciences, organized by Department of Chemistry, Gauhati University on 13th -15th February, 2020.

b) “Heavy metal Profile of Drinking water in Tea garden Belt of Darrang district, Assam: with special reference to Pb, Cd, As, Mn, and Fe” UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Recent Challenges for Chemical Research and Practices: Moulding Chemistry towards a better tomorrow (RCCRP)” organized by Dept. of Chemistry, Darrang College, Tezpur in association with Assam Science Society, Tezpur on 9th & 10th November, 2012.

Books Chapter

1) “Lakshminath Bezbaroa and the Scientific temperament”, A collection of Critical essays on Lakshminath Bezbaroa, B. H. College Prakashan Samiti, ISBN no. 978-81-930227-0-2, pp. 271-275.

2) “Rashtriya Siksha Niti 2020 aru eir sangkshipta ruprekha” PRAJNA, Book published by Mangaldai College Teachers’ Unit ISBN no. 9789389696196.