Sanction authority: DBT, Govt. Of India

Sanction Order No: BT/32/NE/2012 dated September 19, 2013

First instalment received: 26.5 lakhs (20 lakhs nonrecurring + 6.5 lakhs recurring)

Project title: “Establishment of Institutional Level Biotech Hub (IBThub) by DBT under special programme for North Eastern States of India (2012-2013)”.

Project objective: IBThub is providing basic biotechnology infrastructure facility to students, faculty members and researchers of host institution as well as nearby institutions. In addition, following research project is being carried out “Molecular epidemiology of Hepatitis virus in liver disease patients and asymptomatic carriers of the virus in Darrang District”.

Project duration: 3 years

Project Co-ordinator-: Dr. Prativa Deka, Associate professor,Botany Department, Mangaldai College

Junior Research Fellow: Mr. Bikash Sarmah


A Programme on
"Familiarization to the equipments procured in the instructional level BioTech Hub, Mangaldai"

Hands on Training

Sl. No Topic Duration and Date Resource Person No. of participants Photos
1 Hands-on-training on “PC-based UV- Visible Spectrophotometer & other digital instruments” 1 Day,5th October, 2016) Dr. Prabin Barua,GU, Assam
2 “Opportunity for Teaching and Career in Biotechnology” 1 Day 21-3-2017 Dr. Suman Govil, Hon’ble Adviser(HRD) DBT,Govt of India 195

Popular Talk

1 A popular talk on “e-Learning and Learning Management System in UG Science Education” 1 Day, 20-09-2016 Professor Dr. Prabodh Bora, Department of Microbiology, AAU,Coordinator, State Biotech Hub, Assam


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