Demonstration on College Website Events

Organized by :Department of Computer Science & IT
Date of Event : 2023-06-02
No of Participants : 50
Document uploaded by: Computer Science and IT Department

The Department of Computer Science & IT at Mangaldai College has recently rebuilt the college website, incorporating new features and a user-friendly interface. To ensure effective usage and management of the website, the department is conducting a demonstration for all college teachers. The purpose of this demonstration is to guide the teachers on how to handle the website and upload relevant data onto their respective departmental profiles.

During the demonstration, the teachers will be provided with step-by-step instructions on navigating the website, accessing their departmental profiles, and updating information. They will learn how to upload documents, such as syllabi, course materials, research papers etc. The demonstration will cover various aspects of website management, including creating and editing content, organizing files, and maintaining the overall integrity of the website.

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