Jintu Mani Nath, M.Sc. SLET

Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics
[email protected]

Phone: 7002141437
Address: Vill : Rajapukhuri, PO: Garukhuti Pin No: 784145, PS: Sipajhar, Dist: Darrang

Date of Joining
Area of Interest
Applied Mathematics
Specialization of subjects
Fluid Dynamics, Relativity

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1. Paul, Ashish, Tusar Kanti Das, and Jintu Mani Nath. "Numerical investigation on the thermal transportation of MHD Cu/Al 2 O 3-H 2 O Casson-hybrid-nanofluid flow across an exponentially stretching cylinder incorporating heat source." Physica Scripta 97.8 (2022): 085701. IF: 3.081

2. Paul, Ashish, Jintu Mani Nath and Tusar Kanti Das. 'An investigation of the MHD Cu-Al2O3/H2O hybrid-nanofluid in a porous medium across a vertically stretching cylinder incorporating thermal stratification impact.' J Ther Eng, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 799−810, May, 2023

3. Bamdeb Dey, Jintu Mani Nath, Tusar Kanti Das, & Dimbeswar Kalita(2022). SIMULATION OF TRANSMISSION OF HEAT ON VISCOUS FLUID FLOW WITH VARYING TEMPERATURES OVER A FLAT PLATE. JP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 30, 1-18.

4. Ashish Paul, Nath, Jintu Mani Nath, & Tusar Kanti Das (2023). Thermally stratified Cu–Al2O3/water hybrid nanofluid flow with the impact of an inclined magnetic field, viscous dissipation and heat source/sink across a vertically stretching cylinder. ZAMM‐Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics/Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, e202300084. IMPACT FACTOR: 2.3

Conference | Seminar | Workshop

1. ‘‘Flow of a MHD fluid under the impact of induced magnetic field’’, Presented in ‘International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Application’ Organized by Department of Mathematics, University of Kalyani, sponsored by UGC-SAP-DRS-II

2. ‘‘The influence of heat transfer and mass transfer on MHD fluid flow through porous medium’’, Presented in ‘International conference on Advances in Nano-optoelectronics and its application’ Organized by Department of Physics, Rajiv Gandhi University.

3. ‘‘Heat and Mass transfer of a flow with MHD second-grade electrically conducting fluid in presence of induced magnetic field’’, Presented in ‘National Conference on Recent Advancements and emerging challenges in science and technology for sustainable development’, Organized by Dibrugarh University Institute of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with DR.SSBUICET, Punjub University.

4. Participated in ‘ State level Two Days online workshop on LaTex organized by Department of Mathematics, B. Borooah College, Guwahati in collaboration with Assam academy of Mathematics during 14 th and 15 th July,2021.

5. Participated in ‘ One week international Faculty Development Programme on 'Mathematics in Real, Applied and Computational Domains' organized by SATHYABAMA Institute of science and technology from 3 to 8 july, 2023.

6. 'MHD Cu-Al2O3/H2O Hybrid nanofluid flow over a stretched vertical cylinder incorporating thermal stratification impact in a porous medium', Presented in NCMAS-2022, Organized by Department of Mathematics, Uttarakhand Open University during 22-23 December 2022.

Books | Chapter in Books

1. ‘ The influence of Slip Factors on a MHD fluid Flow with heat transfer over a Flat plate by BVP4C Technique’ Published in a peer reviewed Research Book ‘ FRAME’( Volume II, Issue I, December 2021, ISBN: 978-81-953307-3-7).

2. ‘A Flow and heat transfer analysis of MHD Casson fluid over a flat late’ Published in a peer reviewed Research Book ‘PANORAMA’ (Volume - V, Part- I, March 2022, ISBN: 978-81-956183-1-6).


1. Assam Science Society

2. Assam Academy of Mathematics


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