Dr. Ananya Phukan, M.Sc, PhD

Assistant professor, Department of Physics
[email protected]

Phone: 8761048022
Address: Vill- Hatigor, Dakshinpat P.O- Baligaon Dist- Nagaon, Assam, 782144

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Plasma Physics, Computational Physics
Specialization of subjects
High Energy Physics, Plasma Physics

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1. “Potential formation in a Collisionless Plasma produced in an Open Magnetic Field in presence of Volume Negative Ion source”, Physics of Plasmas, Vol:21 084504, 2014, Impact Factor: 2.023, ISSN 1070-664X.

2. “Sheath and presheath in a collisionless plasma containing negative ions with an open magnetic field”, Canadian Journal of Physics, Vol:96, Page No. 300-306, 2018, Impact Factor: 1.24, ISSN 1208-6045.

Conference | Seminar | Workshop

1. SERB school on Tokomaks and Magnetised Plasma Fusion, Institute for Plasma Research (Gandhinagar) – 25th Feb to 15th March, 2013

2. “Study of Electric Potential in a magnetised Electronegative Plasma” PLASMA-2013, KIIT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 2013.

3. “Influence of filter magnetic field on the co-extracted electron current in a Negative Ion Extraction system” , PLASMA-2013, KIIT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, 2013.

4. “Electric Potential in a Plasma Consisting of Finite Temperature Negative Ions Produced from Cs- Coated Dust Particles”, PLASMA-2014, M.G.University, Kottayam, Kerala.

5. “Potential formation in volume produced negative ion sources with closed and open magnetic field structures”, NSNCP-2015, IASST, Guwahati.

6. “Effect of Closed magnetic field in the potential structure of negative ion plasma with dust particles”, PSC-2015, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, WB.

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