Utilization and maintenance of Central Library

The library functions under the supervision of the Library Management Committee constituted by the Principal. The library follows certain rules for smooth functioning of it. The students must wear proper college uniform and possess of college Identity Card is mandatory to enter the library premises. Orientation programmes are conducted for readers at the beginning of every semester. Attend in library class is made compulsory for the students as per the class routine. A library card is issued to every student which shall be used during issue and return of books. Library books are normally issued for 15(fifteen) days, however, the books can be reissued for 15(fifteen) more days. If any member/ student fail to return the borrowed book(s) within the specified time period; the late fine of Rs 1/- is imposed per day for each book. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any book(s) before the due date if necessity arises. To ensure the return of books from the student’s end, it is made compulsory for the students to collect “Library clearance certificate” before every end semester examinations. At the time of issuing pass certificate a library clearance of student is to be submitted to the office. For upgradation of the library, in every year the Librarian collects the list of required books from departments through the HOD of the concerned department. The Library Management Committee of the college is empowered to purchase the books recommended by the teaching departments of the college. The Library Management Committee shall also regularly monitor the functioning of the library.

Utilization and maintenance of Laboratories and Research facilities:

All HODs of the concerned departments are given the responsibilities for the full utilization of the departmental laboratory. Every department follows certain guidelines for using of laboratory. Without prior permission of the departmental head/ lab instructor/ teacher/lab in- charge students or any other person is not allowed to enter to a laboratory. Chemical / instruments/ materials / tools inside the lab must be handled carefully. Malfunctioning of equipments / instruments and accident/ breakage during the course of any experiment must be reported to the concerned teacher/ instructor immediately.

Every department maintains a stock register of goods and items supplied and used by them. It is mandatory to update the stock register periodically. The maintenance of laboratory equipments and chemicals are done by the HOD’s of the concerned departments. The purchase of laboratory equipments, instruments, and other necessary goods, items etc. are done by the Purchase Committee of the college as per requirements of the teaching departments. The Central Instrumentation Centre is situated in the Institutional Level Bio-Tech Hub, Mangaldai College. Faculty members and students can also avail the facilities of laboratory situated at IBT Hub. The functioning, maintenance and monitoring of the Institutional Bio-Tech Hub are supervised by a Coordinator.

Utilization and maintenance of Classrooms:

Allotment of rooms (both ICT and Non-ICT) for holding classes is done by the Routine Committee constituted by the Principal. Allocation of rooms for holding academic examinations is determined by respective Examination Committees constituted by the Principal. For requirement of rooms for holding non-academic examinations (conducted by external agencies / organizations), the concerned agency/ organization is required to apply to the Principal in advance. The agency/ organization shall pay a requisite centre fee to the college. In some occasions, government and private organisation also seek permission to use the college. The major constructions of classrooms are supervised by the Construction Committee of the college, while minor repair works are done under supervision of the concerned department.

Utilization and maintenance of IT facilities:

IT facilities like Computers, LCD projectors, Printers, Photocopiers, Internet etc. are strictly recommended for academic and administrative usages only. Almost all departments have computation facilities for their students and faculty members. There is IT Facilities Committee for supervising and for making all the necessary arrangement for the development of IT infrastructure of the college.

Utilization and maintenance of Sports facilities:

The sports facilities like Playground, Volleyball court, Badminton court, TT court, Basketball court etc. are used for the all round developments of the students like physical , mental and intellectual etc. Teacher In-charge of general sports looks after sports facilities.

Utilization and maintenance of Gymnasium:

Any individual desirous of acquiring membership of the gymnasium is required to fill up the Membership Enrolment Form and submit the same to the gymnasium instructor with the requisite amount of fee. The overall maintenance of the gymnasium equipment is monitored by the Gymnasium Instructor, the Teacher In-charge and Secretary of Gymnasium.

Utilization and maintenance of Event / Meeting Halls:

For requirement and usage of any hall, it is required to apply to the Principal. For requirement of hall for holding events by external agencies, the concerned agency is required to apply to the Principal in advance. The agency shall pay a requisite hall charge to the college. The Auditorium of the college is a non-air-condition hall with a maximum seating capacity of approximately 1000 persons. Moreover Science Gallery is an air-conditioned hall with a maximum seating capacity of 100 persons and the Conference hall of the college is an air-conditioned hall with a maximum seating capacity of 100 persons. There is an Infrastructure Development Committee for monitoring and maintenance of these halls.