College Rules
Change Of Subject
Identity Card

General Rules For Maintenance Of Discipline in The College

1. Only those associations recognized by the College authority can avail the facilities of the College premises.

2. Notice of any kind for circulation must be approved by the Principal.

3. Principal's signature on identity card shall be affixed within 15 days from the date of admission.

4. Students must keep the identity card with them in the college campus and produce it whenever demanded.

5. Filled up registration form of council/university should be submitted in the office within the stipulated time as fixed by the college office. No registration form will be received after such time.

6. For a pass certificate from the college, one has to apply one day in advance and for a transfer certificate, he/she has to apply at least two days in advance.

7. The student must have minimum of 75% attendance for examination purpose.

8. The responsibility for maintaining discipline is vested with the Principal and the Disciplinary Action Committee. Their decision shall be final in all such matters. Recently promulgated Govt. Rules on ragging are strictly adhered to in our college. Students will be punished for indulging in such activities as given in the following:

a. Encouraging and participation in ragging of any type.

b. Forcible disruption of classes.

c. Destruction of college properties.

d. Misbehavior shown towards girls, women, and teaching and non teaching employees of the college.

e. Using drugs, narcotics and cigarette smoking inside the college campus.

f. Misleading the college by providing wrong information to the college authority.

g. Damage of library books, desks-benches and other property in possession of college.

h. Any kind of activity which is detrimental to the academic atmosphere of the college.

i. Using of cell phone in the college campus.

A student admitted to any combination of subjects is not usually allowed to change his/her combination of subjects. However, he / she may apply to the Principal for consideration of such changes showing valid reasons within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of commencement of classes
Attendance in classes is compulsory. A student will be debarred from appearing as a regular student in any examination conducted by AHSEC and the Gauhati University if he/she fails to attend at least 75% of lecture delivered in each subject of his/her combination. A student will be penalized if he/she fails to attend 75% of classes and will be considered as a non Collegiate student. A Non Collegiate student will have to pay a fine of Rs. 3000.00 along with supporting documents to appear the final examination
The College identity card is issued to the students at the time of admission and it remains valid for one academic year. At the time of renewal of admission fresh Identity cards will be issued every year from the authority concerned. In case of any loss or damage of the card the matter should be immediately brought to the notice of the Principal and the duplicate Identity card will be issued on application after proper verification and the payment of prescribed fees.