From the Desk of Principal

Mangaldai College is a pioneer Higher Educational Institute imparting Science and Arts along with skill based B.Voc degree Programme. The college strives to build a top -notch academic environment for learners through inclusive quality education. In this connection, I take the opportunity to offer my heartiest greeting to all the respected and talented faculty members for their endeavour to make our students excel in all aspects. In compliance with the NEP, 2020 we are now trying our level best towards nurturing the holistic development for our learners.

The optimal use of adequate infrastructure of the college will take the pioneer institution of higher education on the Northern Bank of the Brahmaputra to a new height in days to come. People across the district have been eagerly waiting for a massive all-round development of this prestigious institution. We all know the immense contribution of this institution in various fields of our society over the years. Thus, I recall the contributions of all people surrounding it with deep honour to them. Still with the changes all around people expect many more from the institution. We, the Mangaldai College family is committed to achieve our goal to make it people’s institution by choice with the unwavering support from GOs, NGOs, Alumni and all stake holders.