Promotion of higher education, social upliftment and development of scientific temperament among the masses in the socially and educationally backward area where the college is situated.



i)To promote higher education among the people irrespective of Caste, creed, religion and gender.

ii) To create a scientifically tempered society which will exclude superstition and other evil practices which thrive because of ignorance.


To fulfil the mission of the founders, the College has set up a well planned mission containing the following components :

Component – 1 : Inclusive Expansion of Higher Education :

i) To encourage the enrollment of students from socially and economically deprived section of the society as the College is situated in the district declared as Educationally Backward District (EBD) and Minority Concentrated District (MCD) by UGC and MHRD, Govt. of India.

ii) To develop the physical and infrastructure facilities to accommodate the growing number of learners.

iii) To introduce new programmes and equip the faculty members with modern teaching – learning aids for the challenges of modern times.

Component – 2 : Development of Scientific Temperament :

i) To encourage research activities among the students and teachers by setting up a research centre.

ii) To encourage the students participation in developing scientific temperament in the College and nearby Schools by forming “Mangaldai College Student Science Forum” along with the existing branch of Assam Science Society.

iii) To modernize the Science laboratories with latest equipment to meet the requirement of the changing syllabus.

iv) To organize lecture and awareness programme on present issues with scientific explanation in the campus and nearby villages/schools.

v) To develop the College campus a full-fledged Botanical Garden rich in Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET), and local fruits plants of Assam.