Department of Physics

About Us :

Welcome to the Department of Physics, Mangaldai College, Mangaldai. The department is endeavouring to enhance the curiosity and excitement about the physical world through its motto converting “NO” to New Opportunity and “IMPOSSIBLE” to I M Possible. The Physics Department of Mangaldai college has been providing its service for developing a scientific mindset and bringing science to the doorstep of common people.
The department of Physics is one of the oldest departments of the college. The department was established in 1966 with with Prof.(Late) Depalee Neog  as the founder head and Sri Prasana Sarma  as the bearer. The pre-university courses were introduced in the same year. The Department has flourished to its present form under the strong  guidance of  Prof.(Late) Probodh Ch. Goswami, Prof.(Late) Depalee Neog and Prof. Khalilur Rahman. The degree classes were started from the year 1968 in pass course only and honours courses were introduced in 1977. The concurrence on permanent affiliation to the degree course was rented by Gauhati University with effect from 1989-90 to this department.
     At present, the department is equipped with top class facilities and strengthened by highly experienced plus dynamic faculty members who are very much student friendly to prepare the students to compete with the world and real life problems. Apart from the regular academic activities, this department has been striving to attribute quality education to the students giving a strong base through certain interactions including imparting value/skilled based education, career related opportunities, exposure to the world wise scenario etc. 
The department organizes seminar, student development programme, invited talks, popular talk etc. by inviting eminent scholars to share their knowledge with the students. Also departmental seminars (popularly known as Friday seminar) are regularly arranged among the students. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions like poster exhibition, science model competition, essay writing, workshop, seminar etc. organized by different institutions. The department has been quite successful in moulding a good number of well-established alumni across the country and abroad.


Library Details :

The Department Library of physics department has a collection of more than 200 printed books(textbook and reference) comprising various branches of Physics. The library membership is compulsory for all student and faculty members. Library records are kept manually.

Laboratory Details :

The department has all total of 5 laboratory halls/rooms for smoothly conducting various undergraduate honours/ Honours Generic/Regular ( Major/ Minor, as per NEP2020) practical classes. The laboratories were equipped with modern equipments as per the syllabus of Gauhati University. Laboratories are mainly classified as 1. Electronic Laboratory 2. Thermal laboratory,3. Optics laboratory, 4. Electrical Laboratory, and 5. General Physics Laboratory. There are two dark rooms for optical experiments. In addition to this the department also has one research laboratory. The electronic lab is equipped with sufficient electronic components for conducting an add-on certificate course on electronic circuit designing.

One smart class room is available which is equipt with modern smart board along with JioFibe WiFi internet connection. It is regularly used by the faculty members as per the classes allotted in the class routine.

Faculty Members

Dr. Ranjan Sarma

Dr. Kangkan Sarma , HoD

Chayanika Rabha

Dr. Ananya Phukan

Saraswati Devi